Photography project + new look

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Getting a lil emotional over the hair I don’t have anymore. So sad. But this is me now? So. Shrug. 

10 months ago

Last Friday

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Halloweekend at UMass

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~greaser~ 4evr being things for Halloween that I would wear all year round 💥🔥✨

11 months ago

Dying from all the emotions at once. Taking selfies. Sue me. 

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#birthdayhair 💆🎈🎉🎁

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Having a good hair/life day. Celebrating with selfies. 

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Roommate is out. Gonna just lay on my bed and stare at the wall and not have anyone judge me for not being productive. 

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Pictures from the library. Not studying. Not being productive. Not not not not not. Blerg.

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The dorm is boring as —-fuck—-. Please. Let it be the end of the semester already. 

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Updates from first year, second semester: 

1. Before I left for break I forgot to hide my candles. I now have a meeting with the RD which I can only assume will be her telling me I could’ve burned down my building. I am not prepared to tell her that they were just for decoration. UPDATE: I still can’t lie to authority figures. 

2. I still hate this school. I should’ve transferred out after the first semester. Whoops. 

3. Deciding to be in a monogamous relationship might’ve been a mistake since the only kind of human contact I am good at is flirting. Also, whoops. 

4. Someone tell me majoring in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies is a mistake because this is the only class I care about and I am seriously contemplating not having a job just so I can be happy for the next 3 & 1/2 years. 

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Feeling a little vain and tired. College is balls. 

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College Rosie the Riveter. 💪🎃👻 (at UMass Amherst)

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